Elise Blaese

Senior Project Manager, IBM

Elise Blaese is a Senior Project Manager for IBM Research. She supports the work of the research Healthcare and Life sciences team. She is currently working with scientist’s the Computational Biology Center, the The Center for Advanced Technology Solutions in Biomedicine (CATSBio) and Translational Systems Biology and Nanobiotechnology Group to manage projects including the DREAM Challenges, NanoDLD (Lab on a Chip), Nano biotechnology, and partnerships with academic medical centers.

Elise joined IBM Research in 2008 where she has been in charge of forging relationships at the NIH and NSF and finding opportunities for applying new technologies being developed in IBM Research to opportunities in these agencies particularly in the healthcare and life sciences arena. Before to joining IBM Research Elise has had a varied career in IBM’s Healthcare and Life Sciences organization working in both the Information Based Medicine and Life Sciences EBOs